Women for a Multicultural Tomorrow


It is not by the color of our skin in which we appreciate each other; but the by the depths of our hearts that show forth the true beauty of multiculturalism. You are my sister and I am yours.
                                                                                                                                                Veronica Aguayo   (WMT Member)        

Can you tell what ethnicity this women is? She is a woman who is not bound by her skin color. Let's learn from her. Don't not let the color of our skin be what completely defines you as women.


  Women for a Multicultural Tomorrow (WMT) is a brand new group of women on campus determined to make a change at Sacramento State University.

We are a strong and talented group of women who appreciate culture and embrace our diversity! Not only that, we are currently in the process of transforming this multiracial club into a sorority on campus!  For more information please see the Events and News page!

Come and be a part of a phenomenal and incredibly motivated group of women of all shapes, ages, sizes, color and learn about what we are doing to promote diversity, acceptance, appreciation, sisterhood and leadership.
Check out the website for more information and feel free to complete a contact form with questions or to get more information! Thank you!

Next Events 

Bonding Event: Dinner at Chevy's (Howe Ave.)

Thursday February 10th

6:00pm-9:00pm (Drop in anytime during those hours!)

Rush weekend is coming up soon and we want a chance to begin bonding with all of our newest potential sisters before we undergo the process! Meet us at Chevy's on Thursday to meet all the girls! Hope to see you there!

 To get dates, times and locations for Rush Weekend click here!